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10 Key points to improve the sale of your property in Mallorca

As we know, you have to be patient when you put your property up for sale. There are numerous reasons why it can be a complicated process. We are going to show you some key points to selling your property successfully and making everything a little easier.

How can you prepare your property in Mallorca to be sold?

There are some important key points to be considered before you put your property on sale. Some of them are obvious although there are many owners who fail to put them into practice.

  • Have the property clean and orderly
  • Give a coat of paint to any walls that need it and this will make the property look much better
  • Carry out any repairs that need doing so that everything is in the best possible condition
  • Pay attention de detail. Inspect the property as if you were a prospective buyer.
  • Check lamps and light bulbs, replace any that don’t work and make sure that there is sufficient light.
  • Try to remove any personal objects such as family photos, pictures and memorabilia

Never lose sight of the fact that every viewing represents an opportunity to show the full potential of your property, and it is in your best interest to give a good impression.

Prepare the viewings for potential buyers of a property in Mallorca

It is usually difficult for an owner to recognize a potential buyer and to know whether the person has the finances in place to buy the property. An owner is unaware of where the possible buyer actually is in this search stage, whether they need to find a property quickly or whether they are just testing the market. In this case, a specialist agency such as

RE/MAX Calm can be of help in this process, in addition to providing a filter for potential buyers and thus avoiding any waste of valuable time.

Make sure that you know all the facts about the property you want to sell

Be aware that when possible buyers come to view your property, they are going to ask you numerous questions, so you must be able to answer them correctly. It is very likely that they will request both basic and specific information so you must be prepared with all the answers. You will feel more confident when showing a prospective buyer around your property.

Time is an all important factor in a negotiation process

Time is a key factor. We have to try to optimize any interest in our property shown by a prospective buyer. There are many property searchers who will notice if your property has been on the market for some time without selling and this will affect their opinion negatively. Therefore it will be in your interest to get things moving as quickly as possible.

You will gain the buyer’s trust if everything is crystal clear

It is important to create an atmosphere of trust once you have arrived at an agreement. When the vendor accepts an offer, the process doesn’t stop there. Clauses, mortgages, inheritances, purchase and other taxes are important questions which can affect both parties. It is of key importance for everything to be clear once an agreement has been reached, since many buyers stop the process if the contract isn’t completely clear.

Don’t hesitate to use all available technology to sell your property in Mallorca

An estate agent today is very different from in the past, nowadays they are experts in marketing. These professionals are trained to use methods which allow them to improve the image projected by the properties for sale and, therefore, attract more interest in them.

They can provide photos and videos which are a far cry from the typical photo taken with a mobile phone and RE/MAX Calm has gone one step further to provide 360º virtual walkthroughs​ which makes a property more attractive to a possible client. Using this system you can move in a virtual manner around the property taking in every single detail and this makes viewing essentially simple and possible from anywhere, even from another country.

Improve your property easily with Home Staging and get the best results

The services of Home Staging are beginning to feature strongly in this business. In Mallorca there are qualified professionals who offer this service. These specialists will make sure that the layout and interior decoration will show off the property to its best advantage. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic option to consider before putting a property on the market.

Get information about the current market conditions before you establish a price

Establish a realistic price in accordance with the market. The owner usually asks for a higher price than he or she originally paid for the property and they tend to raise the price to allow for negotiations and thus have some leeway. This could be risky because the price could be unrealistic on the current market. Estate agencies know the market well and have precise information on prices for properties of the type the client is looking for, so it is a good idea to get good advice before you decide on a selling price.

Make a close study of the real estate portals where you want to show your property in Mallorca

When we place our property in a real estate portal, it is important to decide precisely in which. Many of these portals contain numerous properties and it is difficult for a particular property to stand out in order to attract the right type of clients. Choose yours carefully and it will always be better to have the property in just a few than to try to get it on them all. If a prospective buyer sees the same property everywhere, this arouses suspicion, so it’s better to make your property more “exclusive”. 

Don’t forget to check everything twice

Before finalizing any financial operation, remember to check the following: check that the technical survey of the property was positive, that the contract has been approved by the buyer and that the buyer has the necessary finance in place. Don’t forget to calculate the cost of taxes and of the notary.

Place your trust in RE/MAX Calm when selling your property in Mallorca

Selling a property is a long and arduous process: the paperwork, property laws, negotiations, it will take considerable time to do all this and to show your property to prospective buyers. For this reason, RE/MAX Calm has a new concept as a real estate agency and we make a commitment in our guidelines to guarantee our clients the best possible experience both in selling a property and in buying a property in Mallorca. At RE/MAX Calm we will inform you about what paperwork is necessary right from the start and exactly how much the sales process of your property in Mallorca will cost you, so that the outcome will be successful.

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