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Buy a property in Mallorca to renovate: an intelligent choice

Buying a house is an important decision to make and it is not always a simple one if help is not at hand. Before actually buying, it is very important to know exactly what we are looking for, although it is true to say that it is a difficult task to find a property that meets all our requirements. Many reasons, such as price, location, number of rooms…lead to us having to look for alternatives.

What was originally considered as out of the question, could turn out to be a good solution if we haven’t yet found what we are looking for and that solution could be to buy a property to renovate. In this way, we will be able to make the renovation fit our precise requirements.

Without a doubt, this alternative has many advantages, above all if we take into account that we can find properties at very good prices.

Why buy a property in Mallorca to renovate?

Properties to renovate in Mallorca are full of possibilities. On many occasions, the price of this type of property added to the cost of the renovation, could be less than a property in a better condition and much less than the price of a new build and the end result in many cases is comparable in a positive sense to buying a new build.

At RE/MAX Calm, we can offer you a wide range of properties to renovate for sale in Mallorca with many possibilities and prices to adapt to your budget and in several localities in the north of the island.

If we finally find the house we were looking for and it is in need of a renovation project, we should bear some of the following points in mind.

Look into the age of the property

It is essential to know when the house was built before starting any renovation. If the property is in bad condition or too old, it is possible that we will end up spending more money than we had originally planned. 

With the help of an expert have a look at the structure

In this case, you will have to visit the property with an architect or another professional before making the final decision. The objective is to find out which walls you can knock down and which are support walls which cannot be touched. You can then design the layout of the house to your liking and with every guarantee.

Look at the state of the water and electricity installations

One of the most important factors to be taken into consideration when making a decision is looking carefully at things not immediately visible. Walls apart, we also need to know in what state is the wiring, pipes and other installations. The renovation is a good moment to change the installation if it is over 20 years old, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice before making any decisions.

Be careful about licences and permissions which are very important when buying a property to renovate in Mallorca

You must remember to obtain all the necessary licences and permits after completing the purchase because if you want to make any change or improvement such as knocking down a wall or installing a swimming pool you have to apply for the corresponding permit to be granted and avoid any problems in the future.

Calculate the time the process will take

The time needed depends on the type of property and especially on the extent of the renovations that need to be made to the house. Normally, a renovation takes always a bit longer than planned, often another two to three months. Accordingly, the time needed for the renovation must be taken into account when organising the move.

Without a doubt, all this effort will be worth it if the house is where you wanted and the renovation makes it the house of your dreams.

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