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Choosing a realtor

The real estate expert notes that the market is currently filled with vendors who want to sell their property. “The supply of properties exceeds demand. There are many vendors and so many properties for sale to fill the portals, magazines and websites with housing with which you must be able to compete – assuming they all get sold eventually.”

In his opinion, there are variables which which you cannot compete because they are unchangeable, such as the location of the house, the market or funding shortages. However, remember that a seller can indeed compete with three variables that are within reach modify to try to sell:

1) the price of your house, as the price decides against whom your property competes

2) presentation of your home: a specific way to display your home or to show around the visits can be decisive

3) a marketing plan: allow buyers to find your home easily and make it the most desired by the few buyers who are buying now on the market

Trust RE/MAX Calm, your reliable realtor in Mallorca. We have many years of experience in the real estate market and we are professional realtors with certified training. We help and advise you throughout the whole buying and selling process. Get to know us!

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