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Walk through your new house without leaving home

When you are seeking a new home, one of the most exhausting thing is visiting selected properties. It is also true that you cannot be sure the property you are looking at is your future new home until you have visited it personally. Walking through your new house will help you to understand its distribution, to understand where the furniture will be located and to realize how good the quality of the building materials is.

But let’s not fool ourselves, because visiting properties in person has some disadvantages: you need to invest a lot of time selecting, traveling and visiting. Your time is worth gold and we know it.

That’s why we thought: Why not eliminate the problem of traveling and visiting and let people walk through a house, no matter where they are? First we thought about it and then, shortly after, we made it possible. And we call it the RE/MAX commitment.

We already told you our real estate concept is unique in Mallorca. Partially that is due to our 360º walk-through tool, which permits you to stroll through any of our properties on sale. That’s why we say: Visit whenever you want and from the place you want. This way, you can really select the properties in advance that you would like to visit in person. And you will also be able to have the nice feeling of having been in that house before already, when you come for your first visit in person.

We can add a thousand words more to explain the concept to you, but a picture is worth a thousand words: just have a look at it in our properties on sale!

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